AGRO-DOM - knives for agricultural machinery from the manufacturer

Own production of more than 200 types of spare parts for agricultural machinery

Private enterprise "AGRO-DOM" specializes in the manufacture and sale of spare parts for cutting and chopping devices for grain and forage harvesters, headers for harvesting corn, sunflower, soil cultivation equipment of foreign and domestic production, first of all - header knives and combine knives .

On the official website of the company presents a catalog of the main range of products. As direct producers, we guarantee the lowest prices. We work for our reputation and long-term results, in practice we demonstrate an individual approach to the customer. During the season we work in continuous production mode, we accept and execute orders within the agreed time frame. In the off-season, we accept orders for the manufacture of parts according to the customer's drawings or samples.

Knives for combines, knives for reapers, knives for mulchers, spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment

AGRO-DOM strives to provide farmers with competitive spare parts with an optimal price-quality ratio . To this end, we are continuously studying the specifics of the chosen direction in production , researching technologies and expanding the range of manufactured spare parts .

To increase the service life of the wear parts of the working bodies of agricultural machinery, we have mastered and apply the surface hardening technology with hard alloys - tungsten carbide deposition by hardfacing . Thus, we guarantee durable material, reliable performance and a long service life of the part.

Knives and agricultural spare parts from the AGRO-DOM company

The world's best brands of harvesters, headers and shredders

AGRO-DOM - knives and spare parts for agricultural machinery

Domestic manufacturer

AGRO-DOM's mission is to provide farmers with a competitive import-substituting product that will save their costs and meet expectations

Optimal problem solutions

Production, prices and logistics of AGRO-DOM are built according to the principle of an individual approach to each customer

We offer the best prices

AGRO-DOM are not intermediaries, but manufacturers, you can buy spare parts from us at the lowest prices on the market

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