Knives for combine harvesters Geringhoff

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Knives for harvester Geringhoff

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➕ How to order ?
Call the phone number listed on the website - the specialists of "AGRO-DOM" helps to organize all that you need.
❓ What are the conditions of delivery and payment?
Shipping to any city of Ukraine. Clearing with all related documents in accordance with applicable law.
❌ Do not find the knife or the parts to harvester, combine harvester or a mower?
Just call the specialists of AGRO-DOM listed on the site phone - help!
✅ What is AGRO-DOM?
"AGRO-DOM" is a company expert in the manufacture and sale of spare parts for the cutting and chopping apparatus grain and forage harvesters, reapers for harvesting corn, sunflower, tillage equipment, imported and domestic production.

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Length L, mm

Total width B, mm

Outer diameter D, mm

Height H, mm

Thickness S, mm

The diameter of the attachment holes d, mm

Material, steel

Heat treatment, hardening

Wear-resistant coating

Protective coating

Kind of protective coating


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+38 050 251 83 50

+38 067 442 52 07

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08132, Ukraine, Kyiv region,
Vyshneve city, Kyivska str., 19

Do you need knives for your header, combine or mulcher?

Just call to the specialists of «AGRO-DOM» - we will ensure production and delivery as soon as possible and at a favorable price from the manufacturer!

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