The services of the company "AGRO-DOM"

  • surfacing
  • surface grinding work
  • cutting metal
  • welding works
  • drilling parts
  • milling

Provide services in metal cutting, hardening parts TVCH, perform welding works.

We accept orders for manufacturing of shafts, gears, sprockets and other parts according to drawings or samples provided by the customer.

Restoration of details of agricultural machinery

Restoration of details of agricultural machinery

Important for the production of highly reliable agricultural equipment has the implementation of the principle of soobscheniya in the manufacture of their working bodies. The principle samooborony is characterized by the selective wear and tear, and ensures the preservation of the pointed configuration of the cutting edge details in the process. read more
Restoration of the working bodies of tillage machines

Restoration of the working bodies of tillage machines

Restoration of the cutting blade welding hard alloy to greatly improve wear resistance of the blade, as it becomes self-sharpening, so that the lifetime increases by 6...8 times compared to neoplasene (hardened). read more
Surfacing and spraying of

Surfacing and spraying of

In addition to the basic methods of welding, widely used in industry, there are a number of others, have limited application. This cladding with split thermal processes of preparation of the deposited metal and the weld details, welding by high frequency currents, vibroboy, recumbent arc electrode, vacuum arc evaporating electrode, surfacing and thermal spraying using a flexible shnurovym materials. read more

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