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Private enterprise "AGRO HOUSE" in 2011 is engaged in manufacturing and sale of spare parts to the cutting and chopping apparatus grain and forage harvesters, reapers for harvesting corn,sunflower, tillage equipment, imported and domestic production.

Taking the main aim is to provide farmers a quality product AGRO-HOUSE research approach developed and developed each stage of production. Our principles and methods of pursuing our main goal: to offer competitive spare parts with an optimal ratio of price and quality and to solve the urgent problem of the consumer.

For 8 years, the production and the approach to it was continuously developed and optimized in cooperation with the end user – farmers, agricultural companies. We monitored the quality, choosing the best solutions, and improved to new levels. We explored, learned and developed a unique technology of welding tungsten carbide to increase the wear resistance of parts several times!

As a manufacturing material selected 65G steel – the best option with no other domestic counterparts. 65G – structural steel with alloying element manganese used for the removal of iron oxides and increase the hardness, elasticity, and density. 65G - steel with high strength, toughness and resistance to wear – a special complex, the need for a good knife.

At the moment, all production stages are integrated and debugged. As a manufacturer, we control and execute all processes - from design and laser cutting of workpieces prior to application of protective coatings powder coating or galvanizing. Stages of production also include welding, drilling, turning, milling and grinding, heat treatment by high frequency currents or through-hardening, stamping, sand-blasting as surface treatment of parts.

Joint analysis and quality control of products has brought a clear vision and knowledge of causal relationships in the production and subsequent use of spare parts in the field. The list of manufactured products includes knives and cutting various applications for a wide range of combines and harvesters Claas, ClaasJaguar, JohnDeere, NewHolland, Geringhoff, Case, Fantini, Dominoni, Oros, Capello, OlimacDragoand others, including domestic producers of agricultural machinery – Rostselmash, Agromash and Gomselmash. In season, work in a mode of continuous production, we accept and fulfill orders on time. In the off-season time, we accept orders for manufacturing of details under drawings or samples of the customer, developing new items and expanding the list of production of goods.


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